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Production Capabilities

The company's output capacity 50 tons metal hardware every day.

Press Brake/Forming

Aoerka Metal Products' capabilities in press brake bending and forming can configure metals into precisely formed components

Pneumatic Press

Up to 350 ton maximum

Shearing / Cutting

Cutting Thickness 12mm and Cutting Length 2500mm

Machining Capabilities

Tooling Maintenance, Drilling, Tapping

Aoerka Machining offers CNC Machining services in milling, drilling, tapping, and turning.

Punch Press/Stamping

Coil Feed Lines, Progressive dies and manual blanking, Stamping, Unitized Tooling for lower tooling costs, Pneumatic Punching, Up to 250 ton

In a punch press, sheet metal is sized or shaped as pressure is applied to a die holding the material.

The resulting configuration depends on the form and construction of the die.

In a punch press, two components work together to create the desired shape. The punch is attached to the ram of the machine. The die is clamped onto a flat bed or anvil perpendicular to the ram. As the machine operates, the punch exerts pressure on the stock material held in the die. Blanking dies produce slugs of sheet metal to make blanks to fit dies for later punch-press operations.

Punch presses range from small manually operated units to large powerful machines operated.

Regardless of the size, however, all punch presses use a die set to complete the punching process.

Male punches and female dies make up a die set. As these pieces come together during the machine cycle, the sheet metal is shaped or cut into the predetermined form. Skilled craftsmen design the die set and set up the machine for production.

Stamping presses also shape or cut metal through a process of deformation with a die. The bottom portion of the die is clamped to the bed or the press, which is essentially a large metal block. The bed remains stationary throughout the machine cycle. The other half of the stamping die is affixed to the ram which moves through an up and down cycle, producing parts from the sheet stock fed through it.


Powder-Coating / Zinc Plated / Nickel Plated / Electrophoresis

Powder-coating is widely recognized as providing a superior finish for products where a high quality, durable and corrosion resistant surface is required, and is used for a wide range of both commercial and domestic products from galvanised signs, heating and ventilation parts to garden furniture, gates and motorcycle frames.

Value Added Capabilities

Quality Control, Barcoding capable, Measuring devices, ISO certified, Value Added, Custom packaging, Direct Shipping, Assembly, Outsourced painting / plating / coatings / heat treating